NKC Robotic Forklifts

Whether for small footprint manufacturing facilities or large businesses, driverless or robotic vehicle technology reduces human contact and therefore eliminates the need for humans to perform tasks that’ll be harmful to or not possible for them.

NKC make various types of autonomous, driverless vehicles, such as this autonomous forklift – ROBO Fork.

This fully autonomous forklift is designed for lifting, lowering, and putting away payloads without the active involvement of human operators as in traditional forklifts. It uses the latest advanced laser navigation technology for simple installation and to eliminate the need for inductive or magnetic wire guides on the floor. With a great deal of expertise and years of experience helping distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities with this forklift, this system has proven to be reliable, versatile, and a cost-effective solution

Here are some of the reasons to use NKC autonomous forklifts:

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