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We believe there are limitless improvement opportunities in every business, especially in today’s ever-evolving technology world. We have many solutions to assist organisations to enhance their operations in the following areas:
Whether you are in the manufacturing, distribution, or production business, we have service experts and a strong support system to help you enhance communication, remove redundancies, forecast changes, and streamline workflows. In the end, you’ll be able to lower your operating costs and maximize profits.
When you contact us about your business, our experts will first listen to your needs, analyze your processes, identify problem areas, and map out a solution plan. To see how AUTOCON can improve your organization or business processes, contact us today.



There is a saying, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. The statement is even more true especially in the business environment today. To be able to improve performance, make informed decisions and understand new and novel ways to beat your competitors, it’s important to know your business' key performance indicators (KPIs) and how to manage them.
Here at AUTOCON, we’ll help make sure your KPIs are aligned with your business goals. We’ll also help you define data worth tracking so you don’t accumulate unnecessary data.
We have experts in designing and implementing performance management systems. We also provide our clients with real-time dashboard KPI reporting that’s perfect for individual business operations.
Reach out to us today at AUTOCON for your performance management, and you’ll be glad you did!


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Here at AUTOCON, we provide labour management solutions designed to manage human labor within a distribution center or warehouse.
By tracking and compiling employee data throughout the day, our labour management solution provides your business reports about individuals or group of employees' productivity levels. This allows you as a business executive, manager, or owner to see where your labour dollar is spent and get more out of your human assets.


Labour Management Solutions:

Especially nowadays that the cost of hiring and retaining top-level employees has skyrocketed, it’s crucial that warehouse and DC managers have a real-time performance tracking and forecasting tool to help them make the most of their financial and human assets.
To see how we can help you collect and report employees performance data through our labour management software, contact us today at AUTOCON.



AUTOCON understands the importance of planning, tracking, and managing a project the right way if defined project goals are to be achieved within the set timeframe.
Here we have just the right project management tool that will help you with project time estimation, budgeting, resource allocation, project administration, quality management, risk management, and collaboration.

With our project management

software solutions, you get:

Still unsure about how our project management solutions can help with efficient project execution in your business? Contact us today at AUTOCON to schedule a consultation call with our experts.

Data Analytics

To make proper decisions in your warehousing, production, or assembly business, it’s important to have strong data collection and analysis support systems that can meet your extensive data collection and manipulation requirements.
Here at AUTOCON, we understand the importance of collecting, assessing, extracting data, and analyzing patterns to gain practical insights for concrete decision makings. Hence, we provide our clients with comprehensive business data analytics solutions.
Are you looking to collect data from warehouse workers, customers, or even your operational processes? If yes, know that AUTOCON has just the right solution for you and will help you implement it in your business.
For expert advice and support on designing and implementing effective data analytics systems, schedule a consultation call with AUTOCON today.

Solution Design

Some warehousing, manufacturing, production, and distribution processes can be intimidating, challenging, or even be impossible without putting some forethought into planning and design.
Here at AUTOCON, our service experts will help come up with a visual representation of business solutions that will help your warehousing, factory, manufacturing, or assembly business minimize the time & cost of solution implementation and maximize the quality of the solution.
With years of service, our experts know what it takes to develop and build a solution design. Reach out to us today to see how our competent service professionals can help you.

Managing Supply

Chain Disruption

Business nowadays needs to place the right priority on their supply chains, which includes the end-to-end flow of products, information, and cash flow (money). How these supply chain elements are managed has a big impact on the effectiveness and competitiveness of the organization in certain areas like product costs, working capital, and time to market.
To achieve a high degree of company success, your supply chain must be properly aligned with your business plan and strategy. We have supports systems in place ready to be deployed to help you better react when unexpected or adverse events happen to your business operations.

Below are some of the supply chain & logistical services that we provide:

For more information on our supply management disruption services, reach out to AUTOCON today for expert consultation with our service professionals.

Waste Reduction

Different business operations produce waste. Not only does effective waste disposal and management help the planet, but it also helps you save costs needed for buying new materials.
Here at AUTOCON, we understand that many warehouses, assembly plants, factories, and manufacturing businesses struggle to have in place an effective waste management program that reduces the volume of waste generated.
So we help these businesses deploy systems that help analyze their waste production and opportunities for reduction and design the right waste recycling program.

With our business waste reduction program, you’ll:

For more information on how our experts can help you with an effective and efficient waste reduction program in your business, please out to us today for more information.

Inventory Management

Stocking even the right products or materials at the wrong time can practically affect other aspects of your business, including production and distribution. This is why your business must get inventory management right.
But managing inventory and other supply chain activities in your business can be very confusing and overwhelming without assistance. So it’s best to invest in inventory management solutions to avoid higher capital costs, lower sales, delayed deliveries, and high operating costs associated with mismanaged inventory.
Here at AUTOCON, we’ll help you deploy inventory management software and solutions that would lead to profitability and customer success. By working with us, you’ll get:
To avoid costly inventory mistakes, keep customers happy, boosts profits and turnover, schedule an appointment today with AUTOCON consultants for inventory management improvement opportunities.