If you are running or managing a warehouse, agriculture business, logistical company, healthcare institution, or any other enterprise, HMIShelf, an autonomous mobile industrial robot, is an innovative technology that allows you to increase safety, enhance speed, improve operational efficiency, and ensure precision when it comes to material movement within the facility.


Automated Material Handling with CartConnect from Fetch Robotics

CartConnect is an autonomous robot for transporting loaded FetchCart, a warehouse cart designed for use with CartConnect, from a pickup point to a drop-off location within a facility.

Fetch Robotics Finally Here In Australia

NKC AUS Pty. Ltd. partners with Fetch Robotics to bring the latest AMR technology to Australia. Fetch Robotics offers an on-demand, cloud-based Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMRs) platform for material and data collection in a warehousing and intralogistics environment. Fetch Robotics' AMRs help cut labor costs, bolster safety in the workplace, and improve productivity and efficiency.


Fetch Robotics’ RollerTop is a fulfillment solution designed to maximize productivity when it comes to loading and unloading bins, totes, and other material packages from ASRSs and conveyors. Unlike conventional conveyors that often lack the systems to adapt to today’s always evolving material transport requirements, RollerTop offers adaptability and increases automation in conveyor-driven facilities.


TagSurveyor is a cloud-based inventory management solution for locating and tracking RFID tags on products warehouse and factory shelves. The machine comes with a powerful RFID visualization and FetchCore Enterprise Software. This automated data collection solution helps automate inventory cycle counting for greater insights into sales trends and to reduce inventory loss

Deploy automation at will

With on-demand automation, Fetch Robotics can create a virtual conveyor for material transport or set up autonomous data collection in just hours using our cloud-based software and AMRs, transforming your entire warehouse logistics operation.

In any facility, as is

With on-demand automation, your facility doesn’t change – our AMRs accommodate your existing floorplan and navigate independently without the need to add floor markings or modify shelving.

No IT system integration

Our cloud-based platform means no on-premises server installation, no dedicated WiFi, and no software to install. Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration is not required for operation but can easily be implemented through our APIs and SDKs as needed.