Roller, Belt & Pallet Conveyors

Here at NKC AUS Pty. Ltd., we design and install belt, roller, and pallet conveyors systems for businesses in diverse industries. Whether you’re running or managing a bottling, manufacturing, automotive, agricultural, warehousing, or logistics business, we’ll help you design a bespoke conveyor for your manufacturing, assembly, or distribution needs.

By entrusting your conveyor design, upgrade, and even repair projects to NKC AUS Pty. Ltd., you get:

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Lifters & Transfer Systems

Years of experience helping and studying factory and industrial production lines helped us design the NKC Lift & Transfer Systems to help plant facilities increase efficiency. With great flexibility and compatibility, our lifters and transfer systems deliver outstanding results while maximizing plant spaces.

Here, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. We first study and analyze the unique needs of every part of your plant facility and then use that to create a customized lift section. This enables every plant section to get properly linked together and ensures products are moved seamlessly even in small workspaces.

Below are some reasons you’ll love our lifters and transfer systems:

Dolly Accumulation systems

Here at NKC AUS Pty. Ltd., we’ve designed Dolly Accumulation Systems (DAC), a conveyor system for production and assembly lines. DAC offers an efficient solution to frequent assembly-line issues. It provides flexible and simplified line arrangements for curves, slopes, branches, and converging patterns, which greatly simplifies line arrangement.

The DAC technology enables the conveyor system to be installed beneath the floor surface, freeing up workspaces and allowing for convenient product movement and access from all directions in the main facility. And with DAC, all engine-mount lines operate more efficiently.

DAC is, therefore, suitable for nearly all production lines, including baking, coating, robot welding, and interior and exterior installation.

Here are some benefits to having DAC installed in your production lines:

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Friction Conveyor (FCS)

Friction Conveyor System (FCS) is the most recent addition to a successful product line of NKC AUS Pty. Ltd.’s conveyor systems, with the first model introduced to the market in 1985. This newest conveyor system was developed to improve the work environment, lower running costs, and increase workplace safety.

Instead of using chains used in traditional chain conveyor systems, the Friction-based Conveyor system converts the traction output by the motors into friction to move the dollies.

The system can transport up to 650 kg (with the dolly included) at a speed of 25 meters per minute. This is a considerable speed increase over traditional inverted conveyor systems, which results in increased efficiency for material transport.

Here are some benefits of the Friction Conveyor (FCS):

To know about many more of the benefits provided by NKC AUS Pty. Ltd.’s Friction-based Conveyor System, reach out to us today for a consultation call.

Overhead and Inverted P & F Conveyor

Brought to the market in 1965, our power and free, overhead and inverted conveyors are one the best on the market. This conveyor system is one of the most versatile and cost-effective power and free conveyors in the market due to its ability to carry loads in inverted power and free (slot down, slot up) orientations.

Whether you require this Power and Free Conveyor for your paint lines, assembly lines, overhead product storages where high density is crucial, or need it for other suitable applications, know that NKC is ready to help.

Our Power and Free Conveyor technology is the right system to handle materials of different sizes and shapes throughout your manufacturing plant or assembly facility.

Below are some of the advantages to having this system in your workplace:

EMS Motrain Systems

Electrified Monorail Conveyor Systems (EMS) have been used for decades as internal transportation systems in production, manufacturing, and assembly lines across industries. An EMS Motrain system is a ground-free, rail-bound conveyor with separately driven trolleys that travel independently on a rail system in which junctions are created on the track using switches.

The rails can be installed to the building’s ceiling or a suspended or elevated steel structure if the ceiling is too high. Power and control signals to the trolleys are provided mainly through conductor lines installed on the mounting rail.

Especially in today’s work environment where safety is crucial, conveyor systems installed properly increase workers’ protection.

Below are some of the benefits offered by EMS Conveyor Systems:

To understand how NKC can help you design and install a customized EMS conveyor system in your production, manufacturing, or assembly lines, contact us today.