Robotic Cleaner – ROBO Cleaper

Running or managing a warehouse, factory, supermarket, hospital, or any other commercial enterprise? If yes, this commercial robot cleaner takes your facility cleaning to the next level.

Our “ROBO Cleaper” industrial floor cleaning robot operates independently without operator oversight and recognizes its path while navigating obstacles and heavy pedestrian traffic – thanks to the advanced, internal mapping technology.

This independent work capability gives the design an edge over conventional robot cleaners that need guidance control systems, such as magnetic tapes, instruction lines, and light reflectors. While some cleaners are practically useless in high traffic zones, this commercial robotic cleaner features a motion sensor that helps it avoid collision with obstacles. To avoid disrupting daytime operations and maintain workplace efficiency, ROBO Cleaper can also perform its duty after work hours and even at night. Instead of spending so much putting together and maintaining an in-house janitorial team or outsourcing your cleaning needs, you can do even more cleaning with less financial requirements with this ROBO Cleaper industrial cleaner

Advanced mapping function

Safety Technology

Super efficient

Fully autonomous, ROBO Cleaper can meet your cleaning schedules and clean a very large area up to an equivalent to 9.6 tennis court, with this allowing you to allocate staff to more important works.

Intelligent by design

ROBO Cleaper’s cylindrical design makes for consistent cleaning quality as it cleans right into every corner without hassles or missing a spot.

Simple to setup

ROBO Cleaper comes with an intuitive display and a smartphone app that helps you easily set up and use the cleaner. Unsure of how this robotic cleaner can help reduce your commercial facility cleaning costs? Download this brochure or reach out to us today at NKC AUS Pty. Ltd. for product assistance.