Automated Material Handling with CartConnect from Fetch Robotics

CartConnect is an autonomous robot for transporting loaded FetchCart, a warehouse cart designed for use with CartConnect, from a pickup point to a drop-off location within a facility.

Using any compatible, integrated or web-enabled device to request a pickup or initiate a workflow, the robot goes and attaches to a preloaded FetchCart and moves the cart to the intended destination. With a speed of up to 1.5m per second, CartConnect rapidly moves materials within locations. Built-in sensors help the AMR robot safely navigate paths and avoid obstacles along its routes. This makes it one safe and efficient material transporting machine with people and other material equipment on site.

About FetchCart

FetchCart is a flexible rolling warehouse cart that docks to a CartConnect robot at a pickup location and detaches from the robot after the cart reaches its drop-off location. FetchCarts are not only designed for CartConnect operations but can also act as a standalone rolling factory cart for material and package handling within the warehouse. FetchCarts include an adjustable central shelf and can hold up to 150 pounds of payload.

Safety Assured

CartConnect robot is built to work side by side with people and other equipment in industrial, warehouse, and distribution centers. CartConnect is equipped with a number of technical safety features that allow it to navigate your facility without posing safety threats. These safety elements include 2D and 3D camera technology, field switching, path illumination lights, and personnel detection.

Fast Deployment Times

Product deployment takes a few hours, not days. FetchCore, a cloud-based software service, which is included in our Enterprise Robot Planning (ERoP) module, helps with fast deployment time. It also provides everything needed to operate, maintain, analyze, and optimize all of your CartConnect AMRs used for material handling and data collection. If you have multiple CartConnect robots spread across different factories and facilities, FetchCore’s automation platform will also help you manage them in one place. For more information about how NKC AUS Pty. Ltd. can help deploy CartConnects in your warehouses, factory floors, or logistic businesses, reach out to us today, and our service experts will be glad to assist.