TagSurveyor is a cloud-based inventory management solution for locating and tracking RFID tags on products warehouse and factory shelves. The machine comes with a powerful RFID visualization and FetchCore Enterprise Software. This automated data collection solution helps automate inventory cycle counting for greater insights into sales trends and to reduce inventory loss. The amount of time required to manually count inventory can be better spent on high-value activities. The human resources needed for manual counting can also be deployed to other areas of the business that needs human input and supervision.

Misplaced, lost, or inaccurate inventories can cost your business thousands if not millions of dollars in reorders, expedites, and write-offs. When any of these inventory problems arise, valuable hours become wasted searching inventory or correcting it.

with the TagSurveyor system, you can raise inventory counts and inspections from once in a while to multiple times per day even in big large warehouses and factories, which helps improve inventory tracking, prevent inventory loss and associated hassles. This is a time-efficient and great alternative to manual, physical counting that takes hours of hard labor and is often performed once or twice a month, if not once a year, owing to the lack of human resources needed for a more consistent count. Regardless of how big your warehouse, factory, or facility is, TagSurveyor can help you automate your inventory tracking, counting, and overall management. Contact us today at NKC AUS Pty. Ltd. to learn how more about TagSurveyor.

Here are some reasons why businesses use TagSurveyor:

Deploy Automation Any Time

With our cloud-based software, AMRs, and Fetch Robotics systems, you get an on-demand virtual conveyor deployment for material transport or autonomous data collection in no time.

In Any Facility, As Is

Without the need for shelf modification or floor markings, our intelligent AMRs are designed to navigate your existing floor plan and accommodate your shelving arrangement. This means your facility design remains unchanged.

No IT System Configuration

A cloud-based management platform means zero on-site servers, dedicated Wi-Fi, or software installation, with this removing all the management costs associated with these systems. Also, integration with a warehouse management system (WMS) is not required for operation, but if needed may be implemented fast via our APIs and SDKs.