Fetch Robotics’ RollerTop is a fulfillment solution designed to maximize productivity when it comes to loading and unloading bins, totes, and other material packages from ASRSs and conveyors.
Unlike conventional conveyors that often lack the systems to adapt to today’s always evolving material transport requirements, RollerTop offers adaptability and increases automation in conveyor-driven facilities.

Below are some benefits to using RollerTop:

Fully Autonomous Conveyor-to-Conveyor Handoffs

FetchLink controllers help FetchCore to coordinate conveyor-to-conveyor handoffs via FetchCore. FetchLink (available separately) is a networked industrial input and output device that connects Fetch Robotics’ Cloud Platform with other industrial equipment, such as conveyors, air showers, and doors. All that is required is to connect a FetchLink system to any conveyor controller in order to automate hand-offs between RollerTop robots and active powered conveyors.

Precise, Repeatable Alignment

Precision markers, as well as FetchCore's Precision Alignment feature, ensure millimeter-level precision for consistent conveyor-to-conveyor interactions.